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iPhone 6/6s


ブラック Black
オレンジ×ネイビー Orange and Navy Blue Stripe
ブラウン Brown Tweedy
カーキ Khaki Green
モノトーン Monotone
スティールブルー Steel Blue
ブルー×グリーン Royal Blue and Kelly Green Stripe
ボルドー×イエロー Burgundy and Gold Stripe
ネイビー×ブラック Navy Blue and Black Stripe
レインボー Rainbow
ライトブルー×イエロー Blue and Gold Stripe
ピンク×レッド Black Bumper Pink Red
ピンク×グレー Black Bumper Pink and Gray Stripe


 Please ShootThis Model With A New Bumper.Please Understand Beforehand That It Differs Somewhat From The Image On The Site.


1) Durability has been improved by integral molding. Thethickness is about 2 mm, the weight has increased by about 10 g.

2) The product logo became embossed printing from the burning of wood to the bumper.

  • • Six cards and bills stored with this thinness •
    Even if you shake with a single card you will not fall
    • Automatic ticket gating with PASMO included
    • Hold firmly bulky items such as house and car Key
    • Natural mahogany Wood finish
    • Size: approx. H 140 * W 70 * D 13 mm
    • Weight: approx. 36 g
    • Material: TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), synthetic fiber, wood
    • 100% Handmade in LA

  • ◯本製品はiPhone6/iPhone6s専用の保護ケースです。適用機種以外での 使用はしないでください。
    ◯本製品は防水ではありません。 水に濡らしたり水分や湿度の多い場所での使用はしないように十分ご注意ください。
  • Shipping Fee Is Free.
    Products Will Be Mailed Directly From The United States.The Shipping Fee For Customers From Here Is Free.However,It Takes About14 DaysUntil The Arrival Of Goods.In Addition, We Can Not Designate The Time Of Consignment Etc , Please Be Forewarned.JimmyCASE Will Be Handmade One By One In The Factory In California USA After Customer'S Order.It UsuallyTakes2 to4 days to complete.After completion, it will be shipped by USPS (United States Postal Service).It takes about 10 days to ship in Japan.Weather may be delayed due to weather conditions and traffic conditions.Also, because it will be posted to the post, please be forewarned.
  • As for payment method, you can use only credit card (prepayment).
    * Please understand beforehand that cash on delivery and convenience store postpay bank transfer etc can not be used.

    Available credit card


    ensure security,we use SSL technology to encrypt when sending credit numbers.Regarding the use of installment payments, it depends on the card company, so please contact your card company.
  • Please be sure to check before using.
    When the item arrives at hand, please be sure to confirm the state of the product.
    In the unlikely event that there is a defect (including shipping error) in the product, please contact us without using the product.

    exchange · returned goods Ni 関 Shimashite will be limited to initial defective goods in regard to exchange of goods · returned goods.
    When you are asked for replacement / return, please contact within 7 days from the arrival of goods.
    Regarding the return of goods, please arrange within 3 days from the connection.
    We will bear the shipping fee due to our shipping mistake and delivery of defective items.
    (Please return by "COD"
    ) We can not return or exchange items due to customer convenience (miss · size · image difference etc. in order details).Please note.

    After defective item arrival, we will inspect it.After inspecting, since products will be subject to exchange / returned goods only for products for which defects are recognized, please note in advance.

    Regardless of exchange / returned goods, please be sure to contact us in advance.
    If you return the item without prior notice, we can not exchange it, so please be careful enough.
    Regarding the exchange of goods, I will limit it to 1 product only.

    For non-exchange / returned goods exchanges · We
    can not accept replacement / return of goods purchased at the store even in case of defective goods.
    Please Contact Directly To The Store You Purchased. Item
    ItThat Have Passed 8 Days Or More SinceIt's Used, We Will Not Be Subject To Exchange / Return.
    Deformation Due To Deliberate Or Negligence, Damage Will Not Be Subject To Exchange / Return.
    Item Arrives Will The Be Excluded From The Exchange / Return Items.* White Bumper And Light Color Fabric Are Becoming Dirty Easily.
    In addition, products judged inappropriate at our company will not be subject to exchange / return.

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